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Our Medical Centre of Aesthetic Dentistry is always ready to provide any treatment and services you may need.

Full range of dental treatment, the newest equipment, appealing environment and professionalism of our staff will protect your health in the best possible way.

Internationally renowned

Patients from all over the former Soviet Union turn to Stomatology by Professor Kuts for help.

Advanced technologies

Stomatology by Professor Kuts Medical Centre is fitted with advanced equipment from world best manufacturers.

Tremendous experience

All doctors of Stomatology by Professor Kuts are very experienced in their fields of expertise.

Thorough attention and care to patients

Treatment records with photo and video recording of every stage of treatment of every patient are made to control all processes.


Stomatology by Professor Kuts is a first class medical centre for aesthetic dentistry that combines innovation and pleasurable design. We believe that dentistry should painless and free of anxiety, therefore we care not only about patient’s health, but of his or her comfort. The idea and principles of Stomatology by Professor Kuts have been formulated by Professor Pavel Kuts, they reflect his professional vision. All members of our team strive to win our patients’ trust by displaying their heartfelt attitude and providing assistance of highest level.

Our Centre


Professor Pavel Kuts

Pavel Kuts is one of the first dentists in Ukraine specializing in dental implanting. He applies only the most advanced methods of diagnosing and the process of treatment involves CAD-CAM technologies, the most modern materials and equipment of highest quality


We treat without pain

The team of Stomatology by Professor Kuts takes care of patients’ comfort and makes all procedures as painless as possible using the newest methods of anesthesia, such as in-bones anesthesia and sedation.


The textbook is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health of Ukraine to the students of dentistry departments of medical universities of Ukraine, to interns and practicing dentists.



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